Friday, February 1, 2008

Camaro and Corvette magazine ad

WE"LL TAKE ON ANY OTHER TWO CARS IN THE MAGAZINE. I really like this ad. It was so different from much of what we had been doing and it has a pugnacious attitude. Chuck Felt wrote the copy and he was the Chevrolet account creative director at the time. He had us on this kind of a mind set which was very effective. I'll be showing you lots more ads with this same creative thrust. The ad was shot in Arizona on what we called an experimental shoot. That meant that Chevrolet let us take the as yet to be announced new products to photograph without having any approved layouts. We did the pictures first and then put the ads together. We had been doing this for a few years and it worked well as long as we had a point of view about the cars. This was before Chevrolet gave us any in depth marketing plan. It was lots of fun flying by the seat of our pants. GM has a proving ground in Mesa near Phoenix and at the time it was out in the country side with not much around it. Security was very important so much of the shoot was done at the proving grounds. This ad,however, was made at a Hollywood built town used to shoot westerns. I have forgotten the name of it but we rented the whole place for a couple days and made it secure. Then we brought in the cars and started improvising. I found this old barn and you can see the result. Warren Winstanley shot this one although we had another photographer and art director team there too. The sixteen year old young lady between the two cars went on to become a big movie star. You may have seen her as the knockout beauty in THE PERFECT 10--Bo Derek.


Nick Scott said...

I have a framed copy of this advertisement in my home, along with some other classic GM ads from this time. This was the pinnacle of car advertising, and in my opinion, this particular ad is some of GM's finest work. Well done, sir, well done.

Carlos Scheidecker said...

This is awesome. But Derek was 16 in 1972 and those seemed to be a 68 Camaro and a 68 Corvette. Therefore, in 68 she would have been only 12. Was GM doing adds using classic cars?

Awesome work nonetheless.

Jim Bernardin said...

You are right Carlos---I should have said 12 year old Bo as she was married and living in Europe by the time she was 16.