Monday, February 4, 2008

1962 Chevrolet Corvette magazine ad

AFICIONADOS ARE MADE, NOT BORN. Copy by David E. Davis Jr.--Warren Winstanley did the photography. The picture was shot in downtown Detroit on Woodward Ave. We did it very late at night, about 2AM, after nearly all the traffic had gone. We used a long lens to get the car boxed up and put most of the attention on the driver. The look of car hadn't changed much in the past few years except for the rear that gets some emphasis. David's copy gives us a nice transition in this and all the ads in the series from the previous Corvette ads that were, for the most part, written by Barney Clark. Barney was the first "car enthusiast" kind of writer to work at Campbell- Ewald and David E. had been editor of CAR AND DRIVER magazine and was his replacement. Barney wrote the ad that many point to as maybe the best--CHILD OF THE MAGNIFICENT GHOSTS. It is a great piece of copy but I think David's copy in these ads and the buff book ads made a greater contribution to helping create the Corvette legend. Barney's ad would have been even better with a better graphic. Any of these ads would be fun to have in your collection and you can find this one in the Feb. 17,1962 issue of New Yorker or the Feb.19, issue of Sports illustrated.

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