Monday, February 4, 2008

1962 Chevrolet Corvette Enthusiasts Magazine Ad

MORE KICKS THAN A SACK FULL OF JACK RABBITS. This ad makes me feel real good any time I look at it. What a dynamite headline and great copy by David E. Davis Jr. and what a wonderful photograph by Warren Winstanley. You cant see it very well at this size but the car is really moving and the background shows it. The whole presentation has all I ever wanted--simplicity and a little something special--the great big dog sitting there with his master enjoying the fun of a Corvette. At the time I knew Warren had a Russian Wolfhound and it was the biggest dog I had ever seen. When it stood on its hind legs it towered over you and when it just stood beside you it could look you right in the eye. I made the layout, the client bought it and the ad looks great. What fun. Thats the way making ads is supposed to be. Find this ad in the May 1962 issue of Road and Track or Car and Driver. Also in the Road America Yearbook: June 1962

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