Monday, February 4, 2008

1962 Chevrolet Corvette Enthusiasts Magazine Ad

FINEST FIERCEST YET....'62 CORVETTE BY CHEVROLET Copy by David E. Davis Jr.and photograph by Warren Winstanley. This was the first ad it this series and announced the new stuff about the car. The picture was taken from another moving vehicle that allows the feeling of movement in the pavement. It's too small to see unless you have an ad. One of the things you may or may not notice about this and the other ads in the Corvette program is that they do not have the Chevrolet logo or as we called it the bow tie. Chevrolet is clearly identified in all the ads and i don't remember why the bow tie was not included. I may have wanted a cleaner more simple presentation. If you want this ad find a copy of the Dec. 1961 issue of Car and Driver or Road and Track. It was also in the Nov.1961 issue of Sports Car.

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