Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Corvette Sting Ray Page and One Third Ad

NEW CORVETTE STING RAY BY CHEVROLET--"WHAT AN AUTOMOBILE" Copy by David E. Davis Jr. This was shot at the same time as the spread ad above but with a different view of the cars. As I said above the cars had no engines and were big heavy hulks that were difficult to move, especially on our painted road stripes. The light and picture as a whole I think is better than the spread ad. This ad was very unusual in that it is a full page plus a portion of a second page. It was very good in the publications where it ran. The split window Corvette is one of the most collectable and brings a mind blowing bunch of money depending on the condition. I bet these ad bring a nice price too. If you have one you are pretty lucky--not like having the car but pretty lucky.

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