Tuesday, February 5, 2008

'63 Corvette Outdoor

Copy by Ted Little and me. As I said above somewhere "Big DAddy" decided the concept needed to be jazzed up some and rather than see what I might have done with it he inserted IT'S EXCITING everywhere. You can do that when you are the Chairman of the company. The ads bothered me but the outdoor was a real problem. The Corvette outdoor is the only example I have at the moment but each car-Impala, Chevy II, Corvair,and Corvete had their own boards. The solution was to make the outdoor look like someone had taken black paint and sloshed on the word "exciting" after it had been posted. The art studio we were working with couldn't get their artists to come up with anything that looked spontaneous so I put several large pads of paper, cans of black poster paint, and various brushes out in the 4th floor hallway of the GM building where our offices were. Then I asked all the secretaries, copy writers, and art directors to have a go at it. We had plenty to choose from and they looked spontaneous. We used a different looking word for each of the boards.

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