Saturday, March 15, 2008

The First Issue Of The Corvette Magazine

This was one of the first assignments I had when I started at Campbell-Ewald in early January of 1958. I worked for Harry Borgman and he had an assistant named Paul Samuleson who had started the magazine and had gotten the mast head approved by someone. Other than that nothing had been done. It was a nice use of a second color but I always wished we had had a stronger mast head, something closer to the Corvette direct mail shown below. Nevertheless, it was fun to do and as I look back 50 years later I am very pleased to have made some small contribution to Corvette history. The magazine continues today and can even be found on the news stand. Now it is called Corvette Quarterly and even has ads in it. The photos in the first issue were nearly all picked up from the GM photo depository run by a fellow named Myron Scott. He had every photo ever taken for GM and we could have them for the cost of the prints. If you happen to have a copy of volume 1 no. 1 you have something worth a bunch of money. I have a couple in mint condition that I saved as a sample of my work. I wish I had a few more. I was the art director for the first couple of years or so. The copy came from any writer in the group that had the time to do a story. A fellow named Wally Overhardt was the account guy. I put this in the blog when I first started but I thought it belonged here with all the other things from 1958.

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