Saturday, March 29, 2008

'57 Chevrolet Magazine Ad

This was the announcement magazine ad for one of the greatest cars Chevy ever produced. You can think about it that way if you consider what one of these is worth today. What happened along the way to make this particular Chevy so desirable over 50 years later ? It was very popular back then but if I am not mistaken it lost the sales race to Ford for the first time in years. Not by much but a loss none the less. Who knows about that for sure ? Anyone out there that can confirm that or maybe correct it ? I wish I still had my '57 Bel Air Hardtop and if you had one I'll bet you do too. Even the ads torn from old magazines are worth quite a bit. How about that ? Dave Lindsey may have done the art and Pete Booth may have done the copy.

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I discovered your blog from a great friend of mine, and I really wanna thank you for all this great effort about the ads & info posted here !!!
I'm a huge fan of Chevrolet products, and I used to have lots of Chevys in my garage, for years (I actually have some, but modern ones), and these campaigns are astoundly beautiful, they made real justice for the cars...
About the 1957 models (they´re my favorite ) ,you´re absolutely right, Ford put more vehicles than Chevrolet by 170.000 cars in year-production databasis, but in overall production, GM outsold Ford by mere 136 units.
Market analysts told that Chevy had lost most of its new owners to Virgil Exner´s new Chrysler style for that specific model-year.
Motor Life magazine perfectly described this situation:
"Never before Chevy had so much to offer.And as a matter of fact, never has it needed more."
Please keep up with this fantabulous work, Jim !!!
We Chevy Lovers really appreciate !!!!

A big hug from Brazil !!!!

Mário Buzian