Friday, March 21, 2008

'58 Corvette Promotion Brochure To Chevy Dealers

This went to each Chevrolet dealer and was encouragement to sell Corvettes. At the time Corvette was not at the top of the list in sales objectives for many dealers. Some dealers may not even have been interested in making a serious attempt to sell one or two. This was a time when the new Impala was front and center at every dealers place of business. The poster shown below was part of the same effort to keep Corvette as an important part of the Chevy family.  The picture was shot at the GM proving grounds in Milford, MI. The photographer was Don Sudnick or Walter Farynk both with GM Photographic. The model in the car was one of the drivers assigned to us at the proving ground. This was more the way I was thinking about Corvette. It wasn't until I began working with David E. Davis Jr. that we were able to make ads that I thought represented Corvette best.

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