Sunday, March 2, 2008

'66 Chevelle SS 396-Move Out In May-Newspaper Campaign

CHEVELLE SS 396. NOW'S THE BEST TIME TO BRING A SET OF RED STRIPE TIRES AND A 396-CU-IN-V8 INTO YOUR LIFE.  I don't remember if the steering wheel ad (shown a couple ads down) or this was done first but I must have been on some kind of round picture kick. And it's a little unusual to sell two ads like this in the same meeting but we did. Both were right on target with what we were trying to do. Sell the car and call attention to the dealer event-Move Out in May. The red side wall on tires was very new and gold stripes were being offered on Corvette. This presented a good opportunity to use a second color in newspapers in a meaningful way. Photography seemed to work very well for the car illustration. I think Bill Graefen probably wrote the copy and I don't remember who did the photography. If you look close you will notice there is no tire makers name on the tire. GM and Chevrolet used several tire brands as original equipment.


Ron Wolf said...

Hi Jim,

Well, your blog sure brings back some old memories. I worked at GM Photographic 1966-1969 under King Laney. He managed the Art Activities Group who designed some dealer materials - mostly sales promotion stuff. I worked on the Chevy and Buick accounts. I recognize a few CE people and other agency guys that you talk about from my ealerier days at Triad Studios. I also free-lanced at New Center Studios and a few other places from about 1960 until 1969. A couple of GMP staffers ended up at B&B and Y&R in those days.

Now, after retiring once in 2003, I'm writing for and editing Chevy Classics magazine in Titusville, FL - We cover the Chevy years 1955-1972 so everyday is a trip back in history for me. It's great fun to still see these fine cars of my youth.

Ron Wolf said...

Jim, please contact me regarding some old delaer materials we have. Need a little historical info from you.