Saturday, March 15, 2008

'58 Chevrolet Fashion Promotion Magazine Ad

This was a different kind of Chevrolet ad in that it was tied completely to a ladies fashion promotion. I don't remember all the details but it was a big program. There is some sales promotion material that I will add to this when I am back in Michigan. The agency had a lady account executive named Hap Hazard. Her real name was Genevieve Hazard and she went to all the top designers in Europe to get them to design a dress for specific Chevrolets. I think the next year she used all American designers. An interesting job that you wouldn't expect in an agency with a car account. 


Daniel said...

Funny thing is, Chevrolet is running a campaing here in Brazil about a shifter called "EasyTronic" that also uses fashion as concept. There´s even a supermodel next to the car in the ads. 50 years later, same idea.

Jim said...

Hi Daniel,
So glad you are still looking in now and then. I was wondering what agency you work for? My son Tom is in the ad business and gets to South America once in a while.
Cars and pretty girls seem to go together as well as nice clothes. As time goes by you may notice that there are not too many things that have not already been done in advertising. The really new things seem to be happening on the internet and as special promotions of one kind and another.