Friday, March 7, 2008

'58 Chevrolet Magazine Ad with Illustration by Austin Briggs

YOU'LL LIKE BEING LOOKED AT IN YOUR BEAUTIFUL '58 CHEVROLET. Austin Briggs was so good I thought he deserved a place in the blog headline. I wish I knew the names of the art directors for these ads. They deserve a lot of credit for their work on Chevy. I know Doug MacIntosh and Bob Hungerford were there and another fellow named Bob Freeman. George Guido too but I think he did mostly the newspaper ads. Jim Hastings, everybody's boss, may have made an ad or two now and then also. 


Daniel said...

Well, i'd like to congratulate you, Jim, for this GREAT blog. I'm a young copywriter from Brazil, barely 8 months old as a professional. I'm also a american car nut. I have scores of books about car advertising, I even subscribe car mags for the ads. But this blog is something else. I just discovered it today and read all the posts. It's so nice to read about what was going behind the scenes during the creation of these wonderful ads. I always wondered about that. I don't have words(obviously, your blog has plenty of them!) to describe how cool is to know about all this. My professional dream is to someday work in a car account, and your blog is an inspiration. You were also very fortunate to have such great products to work with. Keep the good work here, showing you good work during your long career.


Jim said...

I am so glad you stopped by my blog and enjoyed it so much. I enjoyed my time at work making ads for Chevy very much. It helps a lot to like the products you work on, so as soon as the opportunity presents itself you should get on a car account. Making ads was always a lot of fun for me and I hope you have fun too. I would remind you that ads are not about copy or art--they are about ideas. Sometimes the copy writer has a big idea and the art director helps make it better. Sometimes the art director has the idea and the copy writer helps him make it better. Teamwork is very important in making good ads. The other thing to remember is that there are no bad assignments you may get--there are only bad solutions. If you are assigned a matchbook cover make it the best anyone has ever seen.