Thursday, March 6, 2008

1958 Chevrolet Announcement Ad Layout For Impala

SEE THE GIANT STEP--THE '58 CHEVROLET !  When you think about what was to be announced for the first time it really was a giant step.  Chevrolet had never offered so luxurious a car as the newly named Impala. I was working on the catalog for the '58 Station Wagons when this and other announcement advertising was being developed. I don't know who did the work but we had a strong group of creative people led by Pete Booth and Jim Hastings. Of the art directors I remember was Doug MacIntosh and Bob Hungerford. George Guido was there too. Doug was the one who told Hastings about me and arranged an interview after he heard about my office closing. I had been working for Benton and Bowles on the Studebaker account and Studebaker had gone under. Actually they merged with Packard and that ended the relationship with Benton and Bowles. Pretty much ended Studebaker and Packard too. I did the last catalog when the Packards all looked like Studebakers. It wasn't much fun and I was happy to join Campbell-Ewald rather than go to New York with B and B. Got more money at C-E too. 

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