Monday, March 17, 2008

'58 Corvette Poster For Chevrolet Dealers

This poster went to every Chevy dealer but they each got only one. So it is a very rare piece of collectable Corvette stuff. I'm sure most dealers threw it away after having it up for a while. The poster to dealer program continued for three more years and I did them all. The photograph came from the GM files that were managed by a man named Myron Scott. The budget to produce the poster was so small that I couldn't take a new photo. There were not a lot of pictures available and I used this one for the poster and also for the cover of the third issue of the Corvette News. Not the greatest but OK. The lettering for the word Corvette is the same as on the direct mail piece shown nearby. I tried to make the poster look a little like a sports car racing poster. If you have one of these you have a very expensive and very collectable piece of Corvette memorabilia. I loaned mine to the Corvette Museum for several years where they were displayed near the cars. They were returned last year at my request. 

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