Saturday, March 15, 2008

'58 Corvette Direct Mail

This is a piece I was very proud of. I had the sports car feeling I had been looking for and we had been calling Corvette "Americas only true sports car" for some time. The red white and blue played to that nicely. And I loved the rugged type. It became an element in all my Corvette pieces. This is where the chassis art used in the ad below came from. I'll try to show you the whole piece soon. I got a lot of help on this from a guy named Herb Shiebold at Allied Artists in Detroit. Herb was a terrific designer and layout guy. The more I got to know him the more I liked and respected him. We did a lot of things together. All good. We had a lot of fun especially with a young salesman named Bob Hill. On another much larger job Herb had done nearly all the layout work with not much input from me. The layout was great but something had happened that required a major revision. I called Bob Hill to come and see me for the corrections. Bob said Herb was going to be very disappointed because he thought it was one of his best efforts. After Bob left to go back to the studio I called Herb to explain what had happened and to tell him how much I liked his work. We were fine and I suggested to Herb that we have a little fun with Bob Hill. The idea was that Herb would blow his stack when Bob told him what I wanted done and then call me on the phone to cuss me out. We were Bobs big account at the time so it would be a matter of some importance to him. It all went as planned and when Herb called me and started swearing, yelling, and telling me how dumb I was I was convulsed with laughter. I could just imagine the look on poor Bobs face and I could hear him trying to calm Herb and telling him he didn't mean what he was saying. Herb told me later that Bob turned white as a sheet. A kind of mean thing to pull on Bob but funny for Herb and me. Bob and I are still friends and Herb is no longer with us.

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