Thursday, March 6, 2008

1958 Chevrolet Announcement Ad Layout For Impala

'58 CHEVY IS EVERY BIT NEW. This is the first ad in a series of ads presented to Chevrolet for the introduction of the new 1958 Impala. There were many campaigns presented back then and they were used to get Chevrolet input to the advertising. The name "Impala" isn't visible and that may be because the new car had yet to be named. There was no marketing department at Chevrolet back then, at least compared to what exists today. The agency was given a look at the new products along with a listing of what was new and very little else. The cars were reviled at a formal showing at the GM Tech Center and you knew you were getting more important to the agency when you got to attend. The first one I got to was for the 1959 Chevy. What a shocker that was. I'll never forget the moment the curtain was rolled back to expose a white hardtop completely different from the '58 car. The era of winged cars was upon us. But back to this ad with all the young ladies at the top of the page. Actually they are all the same young lady and she is kind of like an exclamation point for the new features. She continues on in the next couple ads. None of the ad layouts shown here made it into print.

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