Friday, March 21, 2008

'58 Corvette Direct Mail

This was my first Corvette direct mail piece. I think the copy may have been by Vic Olsen or maybe Henry Hager. Vic may not have been with us yet. Todd Walker did the photography in California. He had been doing a lot of work for Chevy before I got to Campbell-Ewald. Especially for my boss Harry Borgman. Harry has been in touch with me as a result of my blog and is still an active artist for fun and profit. He didn't spend the years at the agency that I did but rather opted for the life of an artist. He worked all over the world as a commercial artist and still found time to produce art for himself. He has published more than a dozen books along the way. The most recent is a wonderful book about doing art on the computer. It's called Digital Dreams--Exploring the computer as an art medium. He sent me a copy and I recommend it for anyone with a computer and an interest in art. I had no idea a computer could be made to bring forth such wonderful things. 
Have a look at what this one time Chevy ad maker has been doing. Go to his website and be sure to go through the whole site to see all he has been doing.

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Harry Borgman said...

Hi Jim,
Your posts bring back a lot of memories of the great times we had. I also knew Bob Lund quite well. I worked at McNamara Brothers studio for a few years and we did a great deal of work directly for Chevrolet.
I used to go up there with Jack McNamara and pick up assignments from the guys at Chevrolet. This, of course, came in very handy whene I began working at Campbell Ewald. I remember my first presentation meeting at Chevrolet. When the CER group walked in to the meeting all the Chevrolet guys said " Hi Harry !", I knew them all. The CE group was very surprised, including Jim Hastings and Colin Campbell.
Thanks for the nice comments about my book and art.
The website is actually: , the address you listed is an e-mail address that somehow is not currently working, I'll have to look into that
Keep up the great blog.