Saturday, March 15, 2008

'58 Corvette Magazine Ad

A very nice Corvette ad with the kind of presentation that made you think it was a real sports car. This was probably shot on the West Coast by Todd Walker. Barney Clark was still doing the copy and I think maybe Bob Hungerford was the art director. I don't know if the art directors got to go on location for ads like this or not. I didn't get to go for the direct mail on Corvette. If you would like this ad for your collection you need to find a copy of New Yorker for Aug. 2, or Road and Track for June, and Sports Illustrated for July all in 1958.

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Harry Borgman said...

Hi Jim,
I used to go out to California and work with Todd Walker on various occasions. We even did some studio shots of Dinah Shore. When I left the Sales Promotion Department and worked on the magazine ads I used Todd quite a bit. As I mentioned before, the highlight of my CE experience was when I was sent to Argentina on a photo shoot. We were there for six weeks. When we first arrived we couldn't get the Chevy cars and trucks off the boat, they had been shipped earlier. The Argentine dock workers went on strike. We called the office and they told us to stay. John Bracken finally pay the workers off if I remember, and they let us take the cars and trucks off the ship, then the workers went back on strike. Betty skelton, Barney Clarke and Todd Walker was there as well as a TV crew.