Thursday, March 6, 2008

1958 Chevrolet Announcement Ad Layout For Impala

'58 CHEVY' S GOT A WAY--OUT NEW V8 The second ad in this series. All the campaigns for announcement were run out to several ads to show how they would work. I chose this one to demonstrate the process. None of the layouts sold and the ad that ran was pretty straight ahead, The girls were an unusual device and I'll bet someone thought they were so interesting and unusual in a car ad that it took away from the new Chevy. Some art director got to decide how the four cars would look from the side view. I suspect the convertible was made by flopping the hardtop and cutting off the top. Aside from the new V8 being available in all four models it seems that if the new engine was good enough to deserve a headline it was good enough to deserve a better illustration. Then too, I have been in meetings where a headline was taken from one ad and put on another without it making a whole lot of sense.

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