Saturday, March 8, 2008

'58 Chevrolet Magazine And Sunday Supplement Ad

IF THERE WAS EVER A CAR THAT SHRINKS THE MILES....IT'S CHEVROLET!  The shape of this ad makes me think it was intended for use as a newspaper Sunday Supplement Ad. It is avery nice illustration and it looks to me like the location must be the seven mile bridge here in the Florida Keys where I am now. I like the way the horizon seems to be the end of the picture but isn't. The guy on the fishing boat tower stands in the white space along with the clouds. The other thing worth noting is the little device in many Chevy ads that suggests the car is really moving. This time it is the fishing boat running in the same direction as the car and the Impala is about to overtake it. In other ads you may find a train or a plane or whatever but it will always be going in the same direction as our Chevy. This is an illustration concept that I am pretty sure Jim Hastings came up with. The artist signed his name just below the right rear bumper but I cant quite see who it might be.

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dave scott said...

Jim - I just stumbled on your blog and have really enjoyed reading about old chevy ads. Very interesting and entertaining. Keep up the good work!