Friday, March 14, 2008

'58 Chevrolet Impala Convertible Newspaper Ad

What a spectacular piece of art this one is. As you move farther down in the blog you will see other illustrations that show Chevrolets in motion next to other fast moving things like boats or crop dusting airplanes. This was done to give the impression that our car was really moving and was the concept of Jim Hastings. In most of the other illustrations that do this the car is shown from the rear and is about to pass the plane or boat. It must have been fun to see who could please our boss, Jim Hastings, with the next motion idea. Whoever came up with this one had maybe the best of all time and it didn't even show the other moving object--only it's shadow. And, it allowed us to show the front of the new Impala. I wish I knew who the art director was on this one. Maybe George Guido.

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haddonSundblog said...


Mr. Bernadin, Thank you for posting these, and for keeping the blog up though you haven't posted to it in some time (2 years now).

I've been collecting old ads for their illustration art for years, and this is the first I'm reading about the greater focus of the agencies and companies on newspaper ads. These Chevy line-art pieces are BEAUTIFUL. Something new to find and collect - for the art and copy both.

Thanks again.