Sunday, February 1, 2009

1969 Chevrolet Impala Magazine Photo

This is a very nice picture of the 1969 Chevrolet Impala that was never made into a layout for an ad and was never used in any promotional material. Still, I show it here because it represents an attitude we were using at the time. Chuck Felt was the creative director and my boss at the time. I was in charge of all the Chevy print advertising and Richard George Petachini was in charge of the broadcast. Felt had sold Chevrolet on a very aggressive ad stance that was bold and kind of in your face or at least in the face of our competition. I thought it was very good and lots of fun to work with. The copy headlines did most of the work---One of the best was a line Chuck wrote for a picture I made of a Corvette and a Camaro in a barn. Front views with a rope across the open barn doors. A nice picture but the power of the ad came from his headline--We'll take on any other two cars in the magazine. Chevrolet was the sales leader back then and this was leadership advertising without the boastful number one claim. We went straight at the competition in a very aggressive way. The picture above was made at the same time as other pictures to be used in the announcement newspaper and magazine advertising. Warren Winstanley shot it after we had finished the mandatory shooting. I always wanted extra pictures and Warren was always happy to shoot anything I wanted. We were on location and the only extra cost was a little more film. Quite often I was able to use the extra pictures in ads and Warren would be paid the going rate for the new ad. It was good for both of us and for Chevrolet. If you enlarge the picture you will see that the pretty young lady is sticking out her tongue. With the right headline maybe....well probably not. Anyhow it made a fun picture and I get to show it now after all these years.  


Anonymous said...

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Oliver said...

I worked for Chuck Felt at Y&R back in the mid-80's. He was a great talent and a good guy. He freelanced for me as recently as the late 90's. I also shot with John Winstanley and worked with Warren, his brother. Great to hear these names again.

Jim Bernardin said...

Chuck Felt was a very talented guy and I enjoyed working for him. I wish I could contact him but I don't even know if he is still around. I sure hope he is doing well. When I knew Warren Winstanley--the one you know--we called him" Butch". We used John Winstanley in quite a few pictures his Dad and I did together. Ah those were the days!

R. Warren said...

I was searching for good interior photos of the 1970 impala and came across this. One major detail guys: your picture is of a '69 not a '70.

Jim Bernardin said...

Right. Glad you were paying attention. Thanks

john said...

Hi Jim,
My wife and I recently bought a farm in Cedar, Mi. where some of these Chevy pictures were shot.
It is located high on a hill overlooking the Holy Rosary Church on a four corners called "Isadore".

I have been able to find one ad in the 1969 sept. 30th Sports Illustraded mag. It features a 69 Impala which looks exactly like the one with the model sticking out her tongue! It's a double page ad with a red Camaro along side the Blue Impala with two models leaning on the cars. This picture is on our farm for sure and you can see the church over the top of the Blue Impala.
Anyway to make a long story shorter I sold chevys in 66, 67 and 68 and have always loved them!
If you could tell me how to find more pictures taken on this farm I would be very grateful!