Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We were using the theme line--Chevrolet gives you that sure feeling-- for all the 1967 ads. It was an idea of Ken Jones who was the new creative director on the Chevy account. Ken had been in charge of the Chevy TV commercials before his promotion to creative director. It was a move on the part of management to begin to integrate TV and print. Today the idea that print and television could be two different departments seems crazy but it was back then. Crazy too. Ken began to try to integrate the two groups but not with a lot of success. There were still TV writers and print writers. Print art directors and TV producers. The print guys were not very good at TV and the TV guys were not good at print. It would take several years and a several more people to get it turned around. I think I may have done this ad. I like the big type and I think todays art directors will soon come around to see the value of it. Most current art directors seem to be hiding their headlines with tiny type. I bet most copy writers would like to see their headlines big and bold.


Lobo said...

Oh, wow! This is one of my all-time favorites Chevy ads! Believe it or not, I use it as my PC wallpaper. Such a great car! Great to hear from someone who know the inside story about it.

Lobo said...

I also love the other one you guys did with the dark blue SS427 with the headline that read: "SS427: For the man who'd buy a sports car if it had this much room", altough that one looks more like an illustration and red Impala works better. But very cool anyway!

Jim Bernardin said...

Hi Lobo,
Thanks for the nice comments. I'll try to find the SS427 ad and post it soon. I am not at home right now and may not have it with me. I do have lots more and will post them as I can. I am happy you are enjoying the old ads and a little of the background on them. That is the main reason I started the blog.

Anonymous said...

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