Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Corvair Trans Canada Rally Newspaper Ad

The rally started in Toronto and ended in Vancouver. I didn't attempt to stay up with the cars to take pictures of the actual rally. In fact we would have to have stayed ahead of them and be set and ready to shoot as they went by. I just didn't feel that brave. David E. Davis Jr. and I along with our photographer Warren Winstanley flew to Vancouver where we watched the cars come in to the finish. I admit to a feeling of pride as they came in. We got two of the cars after the event and took them back into the mountains near Vancuver for photography. This is the shot I chose for the ad. The lady you see driving the car is Dennice McClugage. She is some kind of lady who has done it all in motoring. She has a column each week in"AUTO WEEK" magazine that you can read to keep up with her. David E. did the copy and posed as the driver in other pictures we made on this trip for future Corvair ads. We will show those to you soon. I know you ad collectors out there don't have a copy of newspaper ads but I thought you might like to see what was going on.

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