Monday, January 28, 2008

Corvette direct mail for 1958 and 1959

The top mailer was produced in 1959 and the two others were for 1958. The'59 version was shot by Warren Winstanley and the art was produced in Detroit by Allied Artists. The cover photo was used in an ad with the headline "FROM A DIFFERENT MOLD"and ran in the June issue of "Motor Trend" and "Road and Track". This mailer and the '58 mailer with the blue background represented my growing thoughts on how Corvette should be presented. I wanted to see more emphasis on the performance and engineering aspects of the car. The first was the one with the blue background and it set the look for most of what I did for Corvette while I was in the promotion group. Herb Shiebold of Allied Artists worked with me to develop the increased emphasis on America's only true sports car. The advertising at the time was going off in a lighter direction with ads that ran in "New Yorker" as well as the buff books. Herb developed the bold type with the stencil look and I loved it. From then on I used the type as often as possible. The extension can be seen in the cover of the other '58 mailer. The promotion piece to Chevy dealers shows the boldness I was after but
Herb had not yet come up with the new type. The close up of the fender and wheel with gravel flying as the Corvette takes off also puts the emphasis where I thought it belonged--on performance. The shot was by Warren Winstanley.

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