Monday, January 28, 2008

Corvette direct mail for 1960

This was an eight page direct mail piece sent to a list of people known to be interested in sport cars. The 1960 Corvette was little changed from the '59 model in terms of styling. This mailer was shot at the Detroit Metropolitan Beach Park parking lot near Lake St Claire in Michigan. Warren Winstanley was the photographer and I was the art director. To get the shot Warren built a very high scaffold with some boards across the top to hold the camera and me. While we were there we shot a single white Corvette as though it was at a rally check point and it became a poster for Chevy dealers.I always felt that this mailer was the best we had done. The cover photo was picked up by the ad group and it ran as a full page ad winning a gold award in the Detroit show. If you have one of these you have a great piece of early Corvette promotion. I don't have a copy of the ad to show you but it looks just like the mailer without the big 1960. If you can find a copy of April 9, 1960 New Yorker or the April issue of Road and Track you will have yourself a copy.

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