Tuesday, January 29, 2008

1962 Chevrolet full page newspaper ad

This is one of the ads I am most proud of. Chevrolet wanted ads with all their cars represented and quite often they didn't turn out that well. We were just getting started with color in newspapers and this was a chance to do something special. The view from high above a freeway allowed us to see down into four convertibles as they passed under an overpass. The front of the Corvette could be hidden under the overpass because only the rear had changed. I did a small layout with the fellow and his dog and the cars positioned as shown. Gerry Edmison then rendered a full page layout. David E. Davis Jr.[yes that David E. Davis Jr.=the one who started "AUTOMOBILE" magazine and is now publishing "WINDING ROAD" on the internet] wrote the copy. Jose Calvillo did the art except for the people in the cars and the guy and his dog. It has been so long ago I am not sure who did the people. It may have been Jim Jackson. The ad ran in just about every paper in the country. This was a time when Chevrolet spent most of their budget in print advertising. We produced five full page newspaper ads every month. The ad won "Best of the Year" as judged by the Newspaper Advertising Association. The chances are pretty good that you do not have a copy of this ad. That's because almost nobody saved yesterdays paper and the ad never ran in magazines. Still Chevrolet did a bunch of outstanding advertising in newspapers and I hope you enjoy seeing some of it. You can get a free subscription to "WINDING ROAD". Just Google the name and follow the instructions for downloading. It is very well done and if you like things automotive you will love this. You can even listen to David E. read his editorial.

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