Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Corvair Life Magazine Ad

This ad was made after the Canadian Winter Rally. It started in Toronto and ended at some little place way up in snow bound Canada. David E. Davis Jr. and I went to watch the start which saw each car entered go from a stage like position on to the rally amid flash bulbs and cheers. There was no way we could photograph the cars on the actual rally so we made our way to the finish as best we could and took two of the cars to shoot after the rally. Warren Winstanley was our photographer and we started back toward Toronto looking for locations. As we drove along I noticed a side road with fresh snow that had yet to be driven on. I told Warren to stop the car ,we had our picture. Warrens assistant drove the car as you now see it and we had an ad. David E. wrote the copy. The ad ran only in Life Magazine.

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