Friday, January 2, 2009

Punch-line to the years hottest power story-CHEVROLET"TURBO-FIRE V8!

This art was done by a San Francisco artist from Patterson and Hall studio. Probably Stan Galli but I am not sure. You can see the Goldem Gate bridge in the background and the mountains beyond. Those mountains were to become famous as the years past. As I recall the big one just the other side of the bridge is Mt. Tamalpais. Later on as art began to give way to photography for auto ad illustrations Mt Tamalpias became a location destination for just about anyone shooting car ads on a beautiful twisting and winding road. It had everything--you could have the ocean in the background if you wished or just a fantastic road. There was even a tunnel as you approached the mountain. And up on the upper level was an old WWII gun emplacement-a very large structure that was used to house coastal defense artillery. I don't even remember the number of times I used the mountain but it was a bunch over the years.

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