Tuesday, January 27, 2009

This looks just like the real ad but is a layout made with what we called a C-print (a color print that was inexpensive and of good but not great quality). If you look closely at the copy you will see that it is not real and is meant to suggest what the ad will look like when the actual copy is written. This picture was made on the Screen Gems Lot in California. The location was on one of their residential streets where many movies had been filmed. The photographer was Warren Winstanley. Warren had made arrangements to allow us to shoot on the lot. It was perfect for us because the security was great and there were all kinds of locations we could use within a block or two. I had the idea for the bright red light that was put under the hood so that it glowed bright red on the pavement. Chevelle SS had huge engines available for 1970-- a 396 and 454 cubic inch that made it a muscle car and then some. I think Bill Graefen did the copy. He was an excellent writer and later left us to become the creative director on the Toyota business. The ad ran in many magazines and is often shown as an example of muscle-car advertising of that time.

Wrong again about the copy. Dick Wingerson wrote it one Sunday morning when the idea popped into his head. Just goes to show how much fun we were having when some of the best ads were written on days off. Thanks for the fix, Mr. Wingerson.

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