Monday, April 7, 2008

'56 Chevrolet Magazine Ad

Austin Briggs did this illustration. During this period he was at the top of his form and it shows here. I don't know who had this idea for a Chevy ad but it is a beauty and not the kind of situation that easily comes to mind. In '56 Chevy was the "Hot One" that was even "Hotter" and this played to the idea that it was a hot seller as well as a hot performer. This kind of story telling illustration for advertising has all but disappeared especially for car ads. It may be that computers have something to do with it. It's much easier to do some kind of abstract background and tack on a headline. Too bad illustrators are out of style and no longer play an important part in ads today. Some great artists are still out there but they are painting for themselves. A good example is Jim Dietz. He paints wonderful war situations with lots of emphasis on people. I bought one of his paintings a few years ago. He is as good as any of the illustrators from the '50s and better than some. Charley Schridde is an illustrator from back then that is still painting and doing very well at selling stuff. Harry Borgman is still around too. And there is a whole school of artists illustrating the Civil War. The capability is out there just waiting for someone to figure out how to use it. You can check out all these artists on the internet.


DhakFu said...

Hi Jim...

I work at Leo Burnett in our global creative library, and Tom mentioned this site to me a few months ago and I'm just now getting around to taking a look at everything you've compiled... Thank you for posting all this work! I imagine you must be digitizing all these prints, and they all really do look great... It's very interesting to examine the aesthetic from this era of auto advertising, the brand values and the messages feel so much more direct, and less convoluted than what comes out today... i recently helped compile a presentation on "green marketing" which featured some great 2008 car advertising designed to appeal to eco-friendly folks. Below are two YouTube links to ads that will probably win a lot of awards this year, thought you might find them interesting. One is for Honda from the UK, and the other is a new Ford ad:
Ford-Human Car

Cheers. Thanks for offering this up.

Fuad Ahmad
LB creative exchange

Jim said...

Thanks for the interest and comments. If you look way down into the blog you will find your Chairman in a Chevy Nova or Chevy II ad. I liked to use our sons (4) in ads when I could. Number 4 son, Bob, was in our most famous commercial--Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie, and Chevrolet.

Paul said...

Jim, I love your posts on Chevy ads. Somewhat of a classic car buff here, love to take photos of the classics here in Florida. Keep posting and I'll check back often. Good luck. =Paul