Friday, October 9, 2009

I just found this old ad and I'll bet nobody has seen it for years. It ran in Hot Rod, Motor Trend, Automobile Topics, and Car Life for April of 1962. I always liked the '62 Chevy and especially the SS version of the convertible. The styling was and still is exceptional in my opinion. So why not show how great it looked? By April there were already lots of Impalas on the road and lots ads that showed it's beauty. The assignment here was an ad for the buff books with emphasis on performance. I began to think about that pedal called the accelerator and the idea of acceleration with our impressive SS models. So I looked up the word "accelerator" in the dictionary. And there it was--great copy with no effort. The visual was a given and to my surprise the ad sold. I think either David E. Davis Jr. or Ray Clark finished the copy for me. It was very unusual back then to see a car ad with no product illustration. Unusual today too. 


Harry Borgman said...

Hi Jim,
That's a great ad ! This ad should have gotten a top award in the Art Director's Club Show.
You sure can be proud of this one.

José Luiz said...

Congratulations on your blog! (BRAZIL)

Jackie Champion said...

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Avery Schlacter said...

I love chevys. My friend showed me a great site for them! I absolutely love their classy look!!