Tuesday, September 9, 2008

'55 Chevrolet Magazine Ad

This illustration by Fred Ludekins shows one of the lower priced Chevrolets. Still the sub head copy says that Chevrolet is stealing the thunder from the higher priced cars. And they were doing exactly that at the time. The new Chevy styling and new V8 engine were very popular. The story played to what has always been the Chevrolet advantage--more car for the money. Fred Ludekins didn't do many more illustrations after this one and I am not sure why. It is interesting to notice the Chevy police car with the officer waving to his friend in the Chevy convertible. 


Anonymous said...

Also interesting is the typo in the footer copy. The ad reads "See and drive it at your Chevrolet dealer's" with the error being the unnecessary apostrophe. Most similar ads are meticulous with their editing and copy.

Brian said...


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Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.